NEOMET specializes in world class extractive metals processes that combine efficient energy consumption with high purity extraction and highest metal value recovery in the Mining Industry today.

We bring into the 21st Century a suite of novel & progressive mining technologies. The Company’s core processes are founded on the integral principles of Environmentally Sustainable, Economically Viable, to mitigate much of world’s challenging problems and need for cleaner mining processes.

Neomet’s unparalleled knowledge-base of value metal extraction methodologies are applicable not only to existing mine tailings with value elements, it permanently eliminates the long lasting and inherently high-risk potentially devastating consequences related to toxic arsenic and cyanide usage very much prevalent in conventional Gold, Nickel, Silver Mines in production today.

Today’s mining companies are facing a critically challenging period. In this fiercely fast millennium where environmental awareness, energy efficiency, coupled with economic sustainability are foremost in the thought processes of a new generation of savvy investors and regulatory agencies, ability to thrive in extreme competitive playing field means that companies have to, more than ever, evolve and adapt quickly and efficiently just to stay in play.

Neomet develops, owns and markets specialized and proven high-performance proprietary metals Processes and Technologies. Simply, we make tomorrow’s metals processing happen today. We achieve this with a comprehensive portfolio of process and industrial design patents, and revolutionary eco-friendly economical commercially sustainable systems for recovering high grade value metals from crushed ore to compound concentrates and refractory difficult to treat ore deposits.